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9500 Retail Jobs At Risk nationwide and in Guildford!

The retail chain Peacocks is to fire 9500 people. Straight forward retailing is no longer enough. What is needed is both on and off line marketing to support your retail business. Email marketing is a powerful way to support your business growth...

Virtual Relationships (In Guildford)

Turning a prospect into a sale through email marketing works much the same way as selling a person face to face does. The size of the relationship determines the size of the sale...

80 Million hrs a day (Guildford email marketing)

When people see your face, hear your voice and notice your body language they connect in a much deeper way with your message, and your business. Email video can increase your customer base and revenue.

Email Marketing in Guildford.

03 December 2011 11:22

Did you know that youtube uploads over 200,000 videos a day and that people watch video 65% longer then reading the written word. Its also easy to put a youtube video link into your emails....

Email & Internet Marketing Tips From Guildford

There is an old saying, and it goes like this, "when you can see things differently you can do things differently". This when applied to business can be a powerful tool for increasing sales and revenue.

Marketing Websites In Guildford

20 October 2011 10:57

Email marketing can play a very important part in building these online relationships, and once in place can give you the ability to relay information to thousands of people all at the same time.

Building Retail Revenue In Guildford

I have been thinking a lot about how one’s attitude towards life and business can play a big part in how successful you become. I took the time to record this free podcast and wanted to make it available for people who are looking...

Retail Customer Care in Guildford

My wife Staci and I have just spent two days trying to purchase a product from one of Guildford's big national shops. The retail experience was nothing short of a nightmare...

Guildford Email Marketing

17 October 2011 11:02

So how does one build that kind of face to face relationship on the internet? Well it can be done in a very profitable way when one has the knowledge and right approach.

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