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17th October 2011
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" Building Customers With Email Marketing"

In this post I want to compare the old tried and tested method of building your customer base against the speed of modern day email marketing.

I grew up knocking on doors, meeting people and building face to face business relationships through a lot of travel, follow up, and hard work. This took time and effort. I use to travel all over the country having lunch meetings and business conversations all in the hope that someday, it would pay off and they would finally buy my products. I have always loved chatting to people but the time and effort that was involved in those days seems ridiculous by today’s standards.

Now if we take that method and translate it onto the internet you can see that there are a few bits missing, ie face to face contact being the most important part of it all. There is a saying, "all accomplishment comes from the size of the relationship one has with a customer" which in my experience means, the bigger the relationship the more you can ask for and end up with.

So how does one build that kind of face to face relationship on the internet? Well it can be done in a very profitable way when one has the knowledge and right approach. The difference is this, virtual relationships are built online by taking the time to offer people something in return for their name and email information. That's how the internet often works.

This means that your marketing website needs to have a sign-up box where people can leave their details in return for you providing them with something of value. Lets say, I run a flower shop and put a marketing website up with a sign-in box and information letting people know that if they leave their details, I would be happy to begin sending them information on flowers and gardening for free.

If someone wants to learn more about gardening and flowers you're in luck. From then on, you have their name and email information that can use to begin the process of building virtual relationships. During the process you can offer them your products and services.

This all happens through an autoresponder that should be managed and updated over time.

In the end, the result is just the same as the old style of building your customer base, but with the internet the world is your oyster.

If you would like to chat more on the topic of how email marketing can be use to build your customer and revenue base then give me a call. I'll be in the shed at the back of the garden.

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