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What do  you think about the Teacher's Strike in Guildford?

A strike now is totally wrong - it is the wrong time, it's totally out of touch with public opinion/feeling, it's irresponsible, it's selfish, it will allienate the public against teachers and most importantly it will achieve absolutely nothing!

A Swedish Christmas in Guildford! ...visit the Scandinavian Fayre at the Holiday Inn

If you have never ventured to Scandinavia you have missed out on some seriously different and delicious food - if like me you have lived there for a couple of years, you will be experiencing withdrawal symptoms for some of the classic dishes.

Olympics 2012 in Guildford - are you ready?

There is plenty of business for everyone, we just need to recognise the opportunity and gear up and tailor our offerings accordingly - don't miss this opportunity to give your local business a shot in the arm.

Getting fit for Christmas and the 2012 Olympics! - isn't time you joined a Guildford Gym or Health Club?

They do say that prevention is better than the cure, so I am seriously considering trying to lose a few pounds before the 'festive season' starts so that by the end of Christmas I am kind of back to where I normally am - it's an idea!

No Turkey for Christmas in Guildford this year for me ! bring on the beef!

'It won't look right.' Granted, a 30lb turkey looks pretty spectacular when brought to the table. But it also looks pretty sad when sitting on the sideboard, some hours after 20 hungry mouths have all done their worst...

Do we really need to put the clocks back in Guildford?

The Government is understood to be considering a three-year trial in which the UK's clocks would move forward by an hour.
Britain would adopt what is known as Central European Time - meaning BST plus one hour in summer and GMT plus one in winter.

Stop! Don't wash your car with a sponge! - important advice for Guildford drivers!

I recently had my car 'detailed' by Tom at All that Gleams - Tom spent a whole day and the results were staggering - my 6 year old BMW literally looked like a new showroom car.

Planning a Bonfire night in Guildford? - Some vital Fireworks Safety Tips

Most at risk are children under the age of 16, and the injuries usually stem from fooling around with fireworks on the street, closely followed by injuries at home resulting from DIY fireworks parties

Seasonal Depression send markets crashing! - Take Control in Guildford

People who experience seasonal depression make a definitive effort to avoid financial risk-taking during autumn.

As the the days get shorter and the nights draw in, their risk taking diminishes ......contributing to market crashes!

Quantitative Easing in Guildford - should we be printing lost of money NOW?

How about we just give everyone with an income of below £30.000 PA , £5,000 in vouchers that have to be spent on retail goods or services, in other words, they can't pay off their mortage, debts etc, they have to spend it in the High Street.