No Turkey for Christmas in Guildford this year for me ! bring on the beef!
19th November 2011
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I have long since rjected the 'traditonal' big bird for chritmas, in favour of a nice big rib of beef - I was deligethed to read Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's blog abpout why he also subscribes to beef and some good tips for selling it in to your family ...

1. 'It's not traditional enough,' some will complain. Well it's pretty bloody traditional: roast beef, Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes, good gravy, horseradish sauce - it's always been rated as the all-time great Sunday Lunch (or 'Roast Dinner', depending on your social origins). Just add crackers, party hats and tinsel and it shouldn't be too much of a struggle to feel festive.

2. 'But we have it quite often anyway.' Explain that it is your mission, as a host and a cook, to take their experience of roast beef to a new level. You want one year's grace for the experiment. If they don't like it, they can vote back the turkey the following year....

** On that note - an oft quoted phrase in my house, from the 'Fast Show' is ...'If turkey's so bloody good why don't we eat it all the time'!

3. 'It won't look right.' Granted, a 30lb turkey looks pretty spectacular when brought to the table. But it also looks pretty sad when sitting on the sideboard, some hours after 20 hungry mouths have all done their worst, yet only managed to remove half a lily-white breast and a drumstick like a weightlifters forearm. And when, if ever, have they ever beheld the spectacle of a whole roast forerib or sirloin of beef-on-the-bone, ribs arching for the sky, blackened with caramelised meat sugars, primal, succulent, and oozing pink juices. Because that's pretty spectacular too.

Take the vote on the red-blooded version of Christmas dinner while the mince pies are being munched. You don't have to tell your guests that they too are full of the seasonally essential savour of good red meat. By now they should be getting the message.

To read the full blog by Hugh, follow this link ..

If you would like more information on the Guildford Anti Turkey Lobby - please make a comment!

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