What do you think about the Teacher's Strike in Guildford?
29th November 2011
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What's it all about? well... pensions apparently.

Acording to UNISON, the union which has brought about the action, public service workers have been deceived and let down by the Government and that their 'pension schemes which they pay into every month must be cut due to the reckless actions of bankers' (quote from Unison).

Now I am fully ssympathetic to teachers in particular - they perform a vital role in our society because ...without them our children would be un-educated and quite literally there would be no doctors or ... more teachers - I am also very un-sympathetic to bankers as a whole, they have behaved iresponsibily and literally raped our economy, but, the fact is that we have a crisis on our hands, not just in this country, but all over the world and we are all trying to ride the storm by cutting back and accepting a decrease in earnings and other benefits. We are all feeling the pinch and none of us are happy about it - those of us who are self employed can't afford not to work let alone strike as if we've ever had that option!

The teachers strike is wrong - yes they have been betrayed and yes they should'nt have to accept a lower pension but the fact is we are all having to deal with the consequences of worldwide recession - this is not the time to come asking for money.

A strike now is totally wrong - it is the wrong time, it's totally out of touch with public opinion/feeling, it's irresponsible, it's selfish, it will allienate the public against teachers and most importantly it will achieve absolutely nothing because ... THERE IS NO MONEY LEFT IN THE POT!

The behaviour of the teachers right now is akin to a 3 years old child throwing a tantrum because it has been denied it's sweets! And ....by the way...my eldest son is a teacher - I hope he makes the right decision tomorrow - because I can't help feeling, that this is not the actions of intelligent, responsible people, it is in fact the actions of yet another militant union who feels the need to prove their worth.

what do you think ...comment below.....

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