Stop! Don't wash your car with a sponge! - important advice for Guildford drivers!
21st October 2011
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Modern paint is nowhere near as resilient to the cellulose and acrylic paint that manufacturers used to use - it's a fact.

Why ? because in our new eco friendly world, we have moved to water based paints which contain less harmfull chemicals and are far more environmentally friendly - the downside is that paint nowadays is not so protective and can be far more easily scratched or damaged by corrosive elements such as bird droppings (which contain powerful acids).

It is a good idea to have a full protective treatment when your car is new (not necessarily by the dealer) - it may seem like  waste of money on a brand spanking new car, but, a few years down the line you will benefit.

Most importantly - you must ditch that sponge or brush! and for heavens sake don't go near an automated car wash!

Both will cause significant scratching every time you wash until after a year or two, your car will be covered in a sea of tiny scratches and will no longer gleam when it is squeeky clean. The problem is that sponges in particular hold on to grit and grind it into your paintwork.

What you need is a pure wool mit or a microfibre mit both will clean your car afely and minimise damage caused by scratching.

I recently had my car 'detailed' by Tom at All that Gleams - Tom spent a whole day and the results were staggering - my 6 year old BMW literally looked like a new showroom car - since then, under Tom's advice, I have religiously used a microfiber mit and she still looks good.

If you're selling or have just bought a car - I strongly recommend that you spoeak to Tom at All that Gleams.

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