A Swedish Christmas in Guildford! ...visit the Scandinavian Fayre at the Holiday Inn
22nd November 2011
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If you have never ventured to Scandinavia you have missed out on some seriously different and delicious food - if like me you have lived there for a couple of years, you will be experiencing withdrawal symptoms for some of the classic dishes which simply are'nt available here!

I lived in Denmark for almost two years in my early twenties and I remember some of the food that I grew to love ....

Remoulade - a sort of mayonaise added to most things incuding salami
Liver pate
Rugbrod - the classic Danish Rye bread
Sild - pickled herrings
Gamle Ole - a delicious cheese that smeall atrocious 
plus a whole long list of other delecassies

If you are scandinavian or have ever visited or lived there this is your chance to revisit, if you have never been to Scandinavia come along and find out why the food there is so good ...

Holiday Inn on Sunday 4th December ... not only will you have a chance to try differnet scandinavian foods, but you will also be donating to the Teenage cancer Trust - entry is just £2 per person (children free).

I'll be there ! will you?

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