Do we really need to put the clocks back in Guildford?
31st October 2011
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The clocks went back on Sunday ... WHY!?

We now have unbearably short days dark when you leave for work and dark by 4.30 when you come home - for many daylight doesn't exist except at the weekends.

However... there is a tide of opinion pushing for an end to this archaic routine that robs us of so much daylight during the winter months.

The Government is understood to be considering a three-year trial in which the UK's clocks would move forward by an hour.

Britain would adopt what is known as Central European Time - meaning BST plus one hour in summer and GMT plus one in winter.

This is as a result of the  Daylight Savings Private Members Bill brought on by Conservative MP Rebecca Harris.

Supporters of the change (of which I am one) all agree that it will reduce accidents on the dark roads and also boost tourism.
Those against claim it would create problems for farmers but lets face it farmers in the modern age 
acccount for a tiny minority of the population and whilst their reasons were valid 100 + years ago, they are totally out of touch with modern life.

It is understood that there will be consultation with Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland before there is a vote.

Here's hoping !

Do you support the changes? 

Do we really need to put the clocks back? 

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