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Guildford IT Support - Minimise your windows desktop in one click!

One that is little known but saves a lot of time is pressing the Windows Key + M at the same time. This minimises all the open windows and takes you straight to your desktop.

Why are we so utterly useless at coping with snow in this country?

Why are we so utterly useless at coping - is it because the relatively rare incidence of snow has mean't that it is cheaper to simply be unprepared and suffer a few days of down-time or is it just that we are so utterly disorganised in this country?

PAT Testing in Guildford - Finding the best local electrician

The regulations stipulate that you are legally responsible, for the exercuising of due dilligence in preventing harm coming to employees, tenants or customers when using electrical equipment provided by or installed by you or your organisation.

Creating a good Strap line - some tips for local Guildford businesses

A simple strap line will remain far more memorable - our strap line at the bestof guildford for example is 'LOCAL & VOCAL' - it's short, simple and pretty well describes what we do .. some humorous strap lines I have spotted recently are ...

are you the biggest loser in Guildford? – fitness and nutrition is the key!

Charlotte runs Phoenix Pro-Fitness in Godalming where she specialises in providing a unique combination of one-on-one personal training in a group programme.

New Year's Eve at a jolly decent local pub just outside Guildford - the William IV at Albury

Small, cosy, full of character and with a proper owner/manager behind the bar ... there are a few left in the area, you just have to find them!

Speeding in Guildford? useful articles for you to read

If you've allegedly done something naughty on the roads recently - here are some useful articles for you read up on ...
Overview of speeding laws

Motoring Offences in Guildford -  Useful links

Motoring Offences in Guildford - Useful links....
Free advice

I fought the law and the law won! Driving offences in Guildford - facts you need to know!

Whether you strongly support speed cameras or not, the fact remains that under current legislation and contrary to the very basic ethic of our wonderful British legal system, the very British concept of ‘Guilty until proven Innocent’ no longer exists.

A Guildford Pub that serves it's own home-reared meat - yum, yum!

Giles is very modest when he says ' we're not a restaurant, we're not a Gastro Pub, we're just a pub that serves food' - A pub that serves it's own home-reared meat is more than a pub that just serves food in my book!