Creating a good Strap line - some tips for local Guildford businesses
5th January 2012
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A good strapline should relate to your business in some way, and convey something about what you do, what you offer others that is different or better than most or what your brand or business stands for.

Imagine if you had just one sentence in which to describe what you do and convince the person reading it to buy from you.
What is the main message you'd like to convey ... Low prices... superb service....unique approach ..... unmatched skills...?

A strapline shouldn't be a blunt sales message, try to be a little creative, interesting and perhaps amusing. KISS ...Keep It Simple Stupid ... don't use long or complicated words which are specific to your business and keep it short!

Most Slogans are a maximum of 6 words, with very few over 8.

A simple strap line will remain far more memorable - our strap line at the bestof guildford for example is 'LOCAL & VOCAL' - it's short, simple and pretty well describes what we do .. some humorous strap lines I have spotted recently are ...

Carpet Cleaning company .. "We clean corners, we don't cut them"

A firm of builders in Southall, run completely by Asians "You've tried the cowboys - how about the Indians"

For a removal firm called Humpers  "We'll Hump Anything"

A commercial cleaning company: "If you want to talk dirty, give me a call."

Undertakers - "We're the last people to let you down".

Chiropractor: "You'll feel fine when your spine's in line." Or, "We're always glad to see you're back." 

Plumber: "Remember, a flush is always better than a full house." 

Water filter representative: "Either buy a filter or be a filter." 

This furniture company (called Sofa King) had this advert banned by the advertising standards people : "Our prices are Sofa-King low"

An Australian gym and fitness centre used the line....
"Fat 'n' ugly? Wannabe just ugly?"

Sometimes Cheesy works!

If you have a humurous or clever strap line - let me know - I'm collecting a list!


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