I fought the law and the law won! Driving offences in Guildford - facts you need to know!
20th December 2011
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Most of us have suffered the indignation of collecting a few points and an endorsement for a petty speeding offence. Whether you strongly support speed cameras or not, the fact remains that under current legislation and contrary to the very basic ethic of our wonderful British legal system, the very British concept of ‘Guilty until proven Innocent’ no longer exists.

Under section 172 ‘Failure to disclose’ we are in effect ‘GUILTY until proven INNOCENT’

If you do stray from the path of motoring righteousness… here are some fact you might like to  be aware of ..

The speed limit for all vehicles in built-up areas (street lit) is 30 mph.
On single carriageways, the limit is 60 mph.
On dual carriageways, the limit is 70 mph.
On motorways, the limit is 70 mph.
Lower limits apply to caravans, trailers and goods vehicles.

Speeding on a motorway can result in a maximum fine of £2,500 and 3-6 points on your licence – however if dealt with via a ‘Fixed penalty’ you will receive a £60 fine and 3 endorsements - The average speeding fine imposed by a court is about £128 and 3-6 points on your licence.

If you accumulate 12 penalty points within a three year period you will be banned for a period of time. Your licence is wiped clean once the disqualification period ends.  Don’t forget that on top of whatever the courts dish out, your insurer will also relieve you of a substantial sum by way of increased premiums next time round!

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