Why are we so utterly useless at coping with snow in this country?
6th February 2012
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Why is it we can't cope with a bit of snow?

A few flakes of snow and yet again the whole country coughs and splutters to a complete halt - on a Sunday - regardless of the fact that the forecasters gave us a pretty accurate forecast well in advance.

More than 50% of all flights at Britain's busiest airport, Heathrow, were cancelled yesterday due to 2 measly inches of snow.

Elsewhere on the roads, most major routes were blocked and public transport stopped. Freezing overnight caused further problems this morning with many people simply not making it into work.

This is becoming a more frequent occurence (the snow I mean) and yet despite being told that our contingency measure are getting better each your - the plain truth is that they aren't!

Meanwhile most of Europe is blanketed with several inches of snow and temperatures as low as minus 20 yet life goes on, people go to work, flights take off, trains keep running and people everwhere in Europe seem to take it in their stride.

Why are we so utterly useless at coping - is it because for decades, the relatively rare incidence of snow has mean't that it is cheaper to simply be unprepared and suffer a few days of down-time or is it just that we are so utterly disorganised in this country?

Answers please on a post card!!

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