A Guildford Pub that serves it's own home-reared meat - yum, yum!
29th November 2011
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The William IV is tucked away in the countryside just outside Shere, at Albury.

I have visited it on and off for the past 30 years that I have lived in Guildford and enjoyed some decent real ales (it's a free house) in front of a roaring log fire - it epitomises the British pub and is definately the place to be on a sold and windy winter's eve.

If like me you are sick to death of 'themed' 'authentic' pubs owned and run by large chain breweries - the William IV will be a welcome change.

Most importantly though, chatting recently with owner and landlord for the past 12 years, Giles; I discovered that they breed their own pigs at the back and butcher them themselves and serve them up for the Sunday Roast.
Now I know the the more sensitive amongst us may hesitate a little when we see them running around outside and too avoid too much of an emotional tie, Giles doesn't give them names, but let's be fair, what can be more correct that raising the pigs in humane and comfortable, stress free surroundings and then butchering them at the correct time - the meat you buy in Sainsburys has probably endured a far less pleasant life!

Giles is very modest when he says ' we're not a restaurant, we're not a Gastro Pub, we're just a pub that serves food' - A pub that serves it's own home-reared meat is more than a pub that just serves food in my book!

Why not try the William IV for your next Sunday lunch ... and make sure you order the roast pork!

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