The Best Steak in Guildford? - Check out CAU the new Argentinian restaurant at the top of Guildford
5th July 2011
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The best steak in Guildford? possibly - but find out for yourself.

Last week CAU opened it's doors at the top of town - CAU stands for Carne Unique Argentino (hope I got that right) which very simply means Unique Argentinian meat.

Owned by the famous Gaucho chain of restaurants the Guildford CAU is the first in the UK, the only other branch currently being in Amsterdam.

So what's it like? well the decor is interesting: not entirely to my personal liking, very modern and quite spartan and I must be honest in saying that the service was a slow, but then they did only open a few days before and staff etc are all new.. having said that, the waitress was extremely friendly and even the manager came and had a chat... and when the food arrived it was worth the wait - finally! a decent steak in Guildford. There were 5 of us and two people ordered burgers which were equally impressive - portions were not huge but the quality of the steak/meat was excellent.

If like me you are fed up with being fobbed off with a tough, tastlesss lump of beef fit for the stewing pan, CAU is the place for you - the meat is obviously carefully selected and it was cooked exactly as ordered (which also makes a refreshing change!)

So... if you are looking for somewhwre with a warm cosy atmosphere - CAU is probably not the ideal choice - you coud try Olivetto or Olivo for example, both excellent Italian restuarants featured on this site, or perhaps the M Braserie at the Mandolay, or if you want to go a little out of town, The Olive Tree.... however if your main priority is a decent piece of steak then CAU is definately worth a visit!

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Bon appeiti!

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