Phoenix Pro Fitness, Guildford : 5 Training & Diet Fat Loss Myths Exposed!
18th October 2011
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Phoenix Pro Fitness: 5 Training & Diet Fat Loss Myths Exposed!


I'm writing this to the back drop of some serious fat loss action going on at Phoenix Pro! There are ropes banging, balls bouncing, airdynes racing and a lot of laughter going on and that makes me very happy indeed, especially on a Friday evening when many people will be out drinking and eating empty calories and adding to their fat loss woes... 

Anyway, today I want to quickly highlight 5 big fat loss myths that you're probably not aware of... 

1) Use high repetitions to burn fat. 

Big fat X. In order to build muscle you need to overload it, and the best way to do that is to lift heavy (with good from). Muscle is crucial if you want your body to turn into a fat burning machine, and high reps just won't cut it. Aim for reps in the 8-12 rep range for fat loss. 

2) Crash dieting is an effective dieting strategy to get into shape for a party in one week's time. 

Wrong! In fact, denying your body of calories will quickly lead to catabolism (breakdown of muscle tissue for fuel) and subsequently slump your metabolism. You'll also be hungry, tired and far more likely to binge - not conducive to looking or feeling good and usually a sure fire ticket to soul-destroying yoyo dieting. Instead, focus on eating really clean, high protein, high veg small meals on a very frequent basis. If you really have left it last minute and need to get results ultra-quickly, then eat 6 small meals a day following the 'greens and faces' protocol - consuming only green veg and things that have or would have had a face (i.e. eggs, lean meats, fish). 

3) A radical training regime every day will blitz my fat. 

It may, but it's probably more likely to break you into a thousand tiny pieces, especially if you haven't exercised for a while, and leave you sore, tired and at high risk of injury. A far more sensible approach is a total body resistance training program 3 times per week if you are a beginner, combined with 1 or 2 metabolic or high intensity interval sessions. This will allow for plenty of recovery, which is essential for building lean tissue (remember muscle is built outside of the gym, not in it). If you have time, a brisk walk on non-workout days will keep you mobile, flush tired muscles and clear your head without overly taxing the system or affecting recovery. 

4) Foods labelled 'low fat' or 'reduced fat' are always good for you. 

Sadly they're not. Legally, foods that carry these labels have to have less than half the fat content of their full fat counterparts, but that by no means makes them healthy. Ask yourself if the food is clean, or whether it’s had a bunch of artificial sweeteners etc. added to it. Also remember that clean foods will fill you up and help stop you craving sugars and fatty foods if you eat them at regular intervals throughout the day. 

5) Cutting out snacking will help you shift fat. 

See 2) and 4) above. Eating regularly (every 2-3 hours) is CRITICAL to your fat loss success. What you snack on is also a key issue - again keep it clean - and incorporate protein into your snacks as they have what is known as a higher thermic effect of feeding and thus keep you feeling fuller for longer. 

To Your Success! 


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