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There's no doubt that with a hopeless exchange rate and some fairly hefty price-hiking across the board, Spain has become a very, very expensive place to holiday and an 'all inclusive in the Caribbean' is starting to look quite affordable!
Costs of student letting, admin fees
How do you find a reliable taxi company in Guildford? Good question, having been stranded on at least two occasions and listened to that immortal line on the telephone, 15 minutes after the taxi was mean't to be there 'He's just turned into your road !'
So ... how about Lazer Eye Surgery ? Optegra Eye Care is a fantastic modern facility which represents an investment in technology running into the millions and ... it's right on our doorstep!
Pretty much all of us drive a car, which is why ... pretty much all of us have need for a place which does MOT's and Servicing at some time. Have you stopped to consider the charges recently ! Aren't you fed up with being ripped off?
Have a phobia?
Have a phobia?
Would you like to know a bit more about phobias?
Freelance journalist Claire Dee gives an overview of the impact of last month's Budget on local small businesses.
A collection of the Top 10 most useless financial products
Warning to Landlords
Warning to Landlords
New legislation requiring planning permission when renting to 3 or more unrelated people
Are you a local business? Are you suffering due to extortionate rates and council taxes? Why not ask for one of our BUY LOCAL stickers.
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