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23rd August 2010
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What has happened to the prices in Spain recently ?- I knew it would be a pricey one what with the Euro virtually at 1 to 1 (I got 1.10 Euros to the pound at Gatwick on the way out), but ... it also seems like the Spaniards have shoved all their prices up as well - no wonder local bars were complaining that business was down this year by as much as 50% - they've all become too greedy!

We stayed half Board at the Sol S'Argamassa in Santa Eulalia - a nice clean Spanish hotel (by that I mean decent Spanish food and Spanish guests)- in other words not a re-incarnation of the local cafe but with Spanish waiters.But enough of that ... the costs were the most striking thing about this holiday - how about a few examples ..

Day trip to Formentura (ferry) £90

6 drinks, including 2 beers, 2 bacardi and cokes, a coke and a cocktail in a small
fairly run down beach bar with sand on the floor £26!

A Burger King meal at the airport on the way home for the kids £11 each !

2 cokes and a beer in the hotel £10

3 bags of cheap sweets for the kids £10

Car hire for 12 days (in 2007 £120 for 8 days) £538

I could go on, but I think you get the idea - in fact the only thing that was lower than expectations were the taxi fares - £30 for a 30 minutes journey from the airport to the hotel.

There's no doubt that with a hopeless exchange rate and some fairly hefty price-hiking across the board, Spain has become a very, very  expensive place to holiday and an 'all inclusive in the Caribbean' is starting to look quite affordable for next year  - or perhaps somewhere else outside the Euro Zone.

The weather was of course fantastic and the local people were friendly enough and the food was good but I can't help feeling that the Spanish are taking the proverbial P@*s !

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