Trouteaud Opticians Lead the Way in Blindness Prevention
13th June 2013
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Our eyes are probably the part of our body we tend to neglect the most, but we would certainly be in the dark without them.

How would you cope being partially sighted or even blind?

Here in Guernsey, Suzanne Dimayo at Trouteaud Opticians is leading the way in offering eye tests to  assess your risk of developing macular degeneration.  

This condition affects central vision and is the leading cause of visual loss in the Western World.

The density of the protective macular pigment is measured using an Mpod and an amazing 3D image of ALL the retinal tissue, enabling detection of the earliest changes, is obtained using an optical scanner called an OCT.

The results of these tests when combined with information on additional risk factors such as smoking, family history and obesity will allow Suzanne, to offer advice on diet, vitamin supplementation where appropriate, protection against UV and blue light, along with of life style changes. These changes can greatly reduce your risk of developing macular degeneration in older age.

You may question why you would need this test if you can see perfectly well.

By the time the disease has affected your vision it is too late, a damaged retina cannot be cured. The treatment currently available can only slow progression of the disease, not reverse it. So it is best to be aware of the causes, preventative measures and symptoms now.

Do you have problems driving at night?

Are your eyes sensitive to light?

Do words disappear when you are reading?

Are there gaps or dark spots in your vision?

Do straight lines now seem distorted or bent?

If you are experiencing any of the above you may be suffering from the effects of macular cell degeneration.

Causes of macular disease:

  • Age - main risk factor.  As we age, cell regeneration reduces increasing the risk of developing the condition.
  • Smoking - Smokers are three times more likely to develop macular degeneration than non-smokers as smoking damages blood vessels and eye structure.
  • Poor Diet - A diet low in fruit and vegetables may increase the risk.  Alcohol destroys antioxidants which protect the body.  Obesity and a diet high in saturated fats can also increase the risk.
  • Blood Pressure - Individuals with high blood pressure are 1½ times more likely to have AMD.
  • Sunlight - Macular cells are sensitive to ultra violet (UV) radiation and visible blue light in natural sunlight.
  • Genetics - A family history of macular degeneration may increase the chance of developing AMD.
  • Gender - More women than men are diagnosed.

The exact cause of AMD is not known so it's vital to be aware at an early stage if there are any signs of the condition developing and work towards reducing the risk factors.

Trouteaud Opticians cannot change your age or family history but can advise on lifestyle changes which may help protect your eyes including;
Maintaining a healthy weight and blood pressure, wearing lenses which block UV and blue light and reduce glare, shading eyes from direct sunlight, regular eye examinations to spot problems and changes,  a diet low in saturated fats, rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, fruit and veg diet, not drinking alcohol to excess and not smoking.
Are you a smoker?
Not smoking is the most important self-help measure you can take so if you are a smoker and want help stopping, speak to your local GP.

Trouteaud Opticians offer an assessment of macular function, to evaluate your risk of macular degeneration in the future.

The practice is in Smith Street and the cost is £70.  

Well worth it when you consider the value of your eye sight and that treatment is currently only available off island.

Contact Trouteaud Opticians today to book your macular function assessment.

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