Relocations Open Guernsey's Newest Storage Depository
3rd July 2012
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Relocations, the Guernsey Removals Company, are delighted to announce that they have now opened Guernsey's newest storage depository.  And with flexible rental terms and reasonable rates, they are, as usual, offering a no-nonsense value for money service!


Relocations has successfully established itself as a leading relocation service in Guernsey, but has now fine-tuned the complete moving experience and offer a lot more than just a removals service.


Relocations also:

  • Operate a weekly container service to and from the UK
  • Provide complex free storage solutions
  • Offer a full expert packing service where they pack all items off shelves and out of cupboards
  • Dismantle and reassemble all furniture for access purposes and safe transportation
  • Co-ordinate cleaners around your move schedule
  • Arrange plumbers to disconnect appliances
  • Have a crane company on speed dial
  • Sell durable packing materials via their online shop


"We've craned prized display cabinets out of windows, we've dismantled and reassembled every wardrobe and bed range you can think of, we've shipped as little as one item to full container loads. We've seen it all - we've even packed and wrapped a stuffed marlin! It's been said before, but you really can move with Relocations without lifting a finger!"  

Anthony Austen, Director.


Relocations is made up of a core team of five who are the heartbeat behind the great services that they provide. The reason Relocations has a flawless reputation is mainly down to the level of commitment shown by the staff members.

To ensure commercial moves are completed on schedule, and without disrupting the daily running of the office or its clients, the team give up many weekends and evenings, often leading into the night. With domestic moves, the team are always very professional and courteous because they recognise that they are effectively moving someone else's entire life. 


"We're proud of our staff and appreciate the effort given by all, and because they have all stayed with us from the beginning, we must be doing something right!"


From day one, Relocations refused to ‘short sell' their services! Packing and moving the entire contents of any household is a labour intensive task that requires lots of patience, hard work, safe stacking and many cups of tea! Relocations offer and deliver a value for money removal service time and time again, meeting standards on each and every move.

They have slowly re-invested their success back into the business by arming themselves with better tools (vehicles, packing materials etc.) which further improve their all-round service. Moving home is a chapter of someone's life, and Relocations believe that choosing the right removal company should not be a decision based on price alone!

Customers can pop in Relocations’ offices for a face-to-face discussion about their move, and the team will go through your move schedule and answer any questions you may have. 


"We understand that there's a lot to take in when moving, so it's only natural that most people get the jitters before moving day – we make sure we're a very approachable company."


Relocations new storage depository offers Guernsey secure, clean and cost-effective storage solutions. There are many reasons why you may need to use storage; for example, 'the moving chain' breaks down, a landlord may be between buying houses and has excess furniture, someone has inherited family heirlooms, a room may need to be cleared while renovations are undertaken etc.

The 2200 sq ft warehouse is located in Les Monmains Estate in the Vale, and the team ensure it is swept out on a daily basis and cleaned weekly. It is a secure facility fitted with an alarm system and locked in behind a security gate which is closed from 5pm and at weekends.


"Moving home isn't something that people do every day, but we do!"


Request a FREE QUOTE now with Relocations Storage. 




Store with Relocations and get one week free for every month of storage. That adds up to 12 weeks Free if you need a year's storage service.


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