17th May 2018
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This service will create a “sea change” in convenience for our customers, who will now be able to have their homes professionally surveyed at any time between 6.30 am and 10 pm.

Because a video survey simply requires the customer to use their smartphone in a dedicated manner, there is no requirement to fit in around anyone else’s busy schedule.

As a result surveying really can be undertaken “at your own convenience” for the first time ever.

Customers will interact with the company via face-to-face video calls, ensuring that everything is progressing smoothly and they have the familiar guidance of a professional throughout.

Thanks to this innovative approach to removals, surveying can now be accomplished from anywhere in the world.

This cuts out middlemen often involved in international moves, meaning customers can be assured of a reliable service, with a single service provider, throughout.

Relocations is the only Guernsey company offering video surveying. The service itself is provided by industry-leading removals comparison platform Buzzmove, an expert at the intersection between removals and technology.

Despite its obvious potential and increasing popularity, video surveying is an addition to Relocations’ service offering – not a replacement.

Customers who are used to a more traditional approach can still arrange a visit from our surveyors in person, and we continue to offer the same high levels of service that we are known for.

To enquire about video surveying, book an in-person survey of your home, or for any other questions, please visit our new website or contact us at:

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