3rd December 2014
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In September this year Quantum Cabling Installations celebrated their 10th anniversary.  As a part of those celebrations the management team decided that it would be fitting to give something back to the community that has helped it grow into a successful business.

Much thought was given and ideas were sought and in October this year Quantum donated hi-visibility jackets to every child in reception, year 1 and year 2 at Amherst School. The jackets, featuring the Amherst school emblem and Quantum logo, were gratefully received and welcomed by both children and their parents. An officer from Neighborhood Police Team attended the presentation and demonstrated the effectiveness of the jackets to the children. Head teacher Tracey Moore said she was delighted with the jackets and praised Quantum’s help in keeping the children safe.

The second initiative was to donate an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) to Herm Island.  Prior to the use of defibrillators the odds of surviving a sudden cardiac arrest – even if it occurred in a hospital - were extremely poor. The fact that the island is three miles by sea from immediate medical response meant the likelihood of survival was even less if someone were to have a sudden cardiac arrest whilst in Herm.

Recognising this, Herm Island had begun raising money for a defibrillator, however AED’s are not cheap and it was clearly going to take some time to raise the funds required.

As Quantum had undertaken many projects for Herm Island and were aware that an AED was desired, the team decided that this would be another excellent initiative to support; once again giving back something to the island that has employed their services.

The provision of this potentially life saving equipment would not only be beneficial to the people of Herm but also the hundreds of locals and visitors who enjoy spending time in Herm year on year. On the 29th November Mark, Rob and Nigel proudly presented Herm Island with an AED, which is now sited outside the Herm shop and is ready for use. 

To further promote the cause and to raise public awareness Quantum also sponsored an advertisement on Island FM for members of the public to win a First Aid training course with St Johns.  As well as basic first aid and CPR the course will also teach the students how to use an AED. Seven people will be attending this course this coming Saturday, 6th December.

Quantum recognise the need to give something back to the wider community and have not ruled out further donations to suitable causes in the future. Meanwhile the generosity and consideration of Quantum Directors Mark, Rob, and Nigel has ensured that those mums with small children at Amherst and residents and visitors to Herm are so much safer than they were just a few months ago. 

Well done team Quantum! 




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