31st July 2017
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Let J.E.R. Electrical bring your home into this century with sensor-controlled LED lighting, cupboard lighting and many other recent developments that help to conserve electricity and cost you less over time.

LED lighting is one of the great modern inventions that has recently become mainstream popular and affordable. LED lighting uses far less electricity than old filament lighting and lasts much longer before requiring bulb replacement, saving you both money and hassle in the long run. Local experts J.E.R. Electrical can update your home with LED lighting to suit your exact needs, either to replace or supplement traditional lighting.

LED lighting can provide a much closer match to daylight in colour and intensity than traditional lighting, which makes it better for your eyes when reading or doing detail work. Subtle warmer or cooler toned LED lighting is also available for a cosier or more romantic mood. LED downlights also take up less space, being recessed into ceilings. Contact J.E.R. Electrical for a consultation on the many ways in which LED lighting could improve your own home.

LEDs switch on immediately with no warm-up period like old fluorescent tube lights have; this means that LEDs are better suited to being sensor controlled, only switching on when someone approaches at night and requires that light. Have a young child in the house? Well J.E.R. Electrical could fit subtle sensor-controlled LEDs that would automatically turn on to guide your toddler safely to the bathroom at night. You can also use mood lighting in the bedroom, bathroom or elsewhere to avoid waking your partner up with a bright light when you need to get up at night.

Sensor controlled LED lighting can also be fitted in the kitchen, from under-cupboard lighting for those quick trips to grab a snack in the evening, to lights inside the cupboard itself that switch on when you open the door to help you find those items at the back of the shelf.

There are uses for LED lighting that you have not even thought of - but J.E.R. Electrical has thought about them, because they think about LED lighting a lot - J.E.R. Electrical know how LED lighting can make your life easier, safer, and save you money at the same time.

In the words of one happy customer, Fiona Murphy: "We have this in our house and it is absolutely fantastic having three small children, you don't have to worry about putting on the full lights in the middle of the night because as soon as a hallway door opens or you walk past, the lighting automatically comes on. After having these lights installed, this is now something I couldn't live without."

Contact the experts at J.E.R. Electrical and speak to their LED specialist lighting team on (01481) 523411, or email them at, for a consultation to see how LED lighting could improve your life and modernise your home. Also check out their website at To find out more about J.E.R. Electrical you can also check out their feature page here at thebestof Guernsey.

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