Meet The People Behind Ross Gower Group
30th November 2012
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Who’s the most interesting person you have met?
Dean – My wife (she surprises me daily!)
Chris – Elton John in Piccadilly, 1972.

What are your vices?
Dean – I don’t have any!
Chris – Afternoon tea in a bone china cup with fruit cake.

My first job was..
Dean – Picking tomatoes after school for my father to clear a loan for my first motorbike. Amazingly I still like tomatoes!
Chris – Working in a car battery shop having to replace faulty batteries. We dreaded the older 60’s Jaguar as the bonnet had to be removed.

When you are not working where can we find you?
Dean – Cataloguing my stamp collection.
Chris – You won’t! I switch off my phone and involve myself in one of my many interests from fishing to renovating old vehicles.

What makes your insurance services different?
Dean – We’re traditional yet innovative.
Chris – We offer both an online and customer facing service. We believe this is quite unique in the CI.

How would you describe Ross Gower Group in three words?
Dean – Past, Present, Future.
Chris – Pioneering, Innovative, Different.

What’s the best piece of advice you have been given and why?
Dean –  Live for today. (Justifies spending money you haven’t got!)
Chris –  A rainy day is no match for a sunny disposition. (Helps see the bright side of life, no matter what!)

Your claim to fame?
Dean – I was once on a Guernsey postcard.
Chris – Scoring the winning goal in football on my 60th birthday!

What’s your next challenge?
Dean – Expanding Ross Gower’s footprint beyond Guernsey.
Chris –  To play football until at least 65.

What were you hoping we’d ask you, but didn’t?
Dean – Shall we ask these questions over lunch?
Chris – What advice would you give somebody starting a new job? Whenever you receive a letter that fires your emotion, never respond the same day.  Always wait 24 hours; you will be more objective.

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