Matte paint finish
26th January 2023
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  • Can normal car shampoo be used? Yes BUT only if it contains NO gloss enhancer.
  • Can you use wax to add some protection against weather elements? Yes BUT it has to be wax specifically for matte paint.
  • Can you use sealants? Yes BUT it also has to be specifically for matte paint.
  • Can you ceramic matte paint as some people say no? Yes you can ceramic matte paint but only with a matte ceramic, which is why some people say it can’t be done as they don’t have a matte ceramic available to them.
  • Can you put paint protection film (PPF) on matte paint? Yes as there is a specific film available for matte paint.

And YES we have all of the above products and coatings along with PPF to help protect your matte paint.

If you would like a quote for your car, bike, boat or plane with matte paint contact us on our website

If you would like some matte cleaning products they are listed on our website HERE.


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