21st July 2014
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The Queen's Road Surgery and Longfrie Surgery, which comprise Queen’s Road Medical Practice, have recently earned accreditation to international standards following on-site assessment by a team of three senior healthcare professionals from CHKS, the UK's leading independent healthcare assurance and accreditation service.

The CHKS accreditation rates a medical practice on 279 different criteria across nine survey areas, from how it meets legislation and regulatory requirements, to patient focused care, health and safety, and staff training. 

It is rare for a practice to obtain CHKS accreditation on their first assessment, yet this is exactly what Queen's Road Medical Practice managed to do.

Dr Mat Dorrian, Practice Chairman, said: "The process has been exhaustive and has resulted in real improvements in the way the whole team operates and we believe strongly that this will translate into an improved service for all our patients. We are proud to have completed the process and are determined to remain a progressive family practice that puts our patients first."

Not only did Queen's Road Medical Practice obtain accreditation on the first attempt, but the Practice achieved 100% full compliance in every category assessed, receiving seven commendations for the areas in which it excelled:

  • Policy on conflicts of interest, acceptance of gifts, etc.
  • Prospective training plan
  • Cleanliness of the children's waiting/play area
  • Scrutiny provided by the link between the Management Committee Partner and the Clinical Governance Lead
  • Clear and competent safety alert protocols
  • Generic prescribing levels above NHS expectations
  • The system by which patients can offer plaudits to staff members.

Moyra Amess, Associate Director of Assurance and Accreditation, at CHKS said: "Staff at Queen’s Road and Longfrie surgeries should be very pleased to have been accredited by CHKS. Meeting these internally-recognised standards requires regular review and we will continue to work with the team at the practice."

This great achievement is a tribute to the dedication and commitment of partners and staff at both the Queen’s Road and Longfrie surgeries. The CHKS accreditation should reassure locals that the Practice more than meets UK and international standards for quality of care, safety and quality.

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