I wish I was Bruce Willis...
7th February 2010
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Okay so I'll admit it, I envy those guys on the TV. The more programmes like 24 and Heroes I watch the more I wish I could be like Jack Bauer or Sylar and have the ability to take on the world with whoever I wanted... realistically it isn't going to happen, but I've always secretly hoped that one day I'd wake up as Chuck Norris or Mr T. Now I've been mulling over the keeping fit idea for a while, and I wondered if there was anything I could do to pump my muscle up a little without having to go to the outrageous expense of jogging machines and expensive gym equipment. And as much as the internet cries out to me to 'take the initiative' there will certainly be no early morning jogging sessions for me!

So with all this taken into consideration, and knowing how little educated I am about those sorts of things where better to turn than thebestofguernsey? Easily the best way to find what I want quickly and easily, and lo and behold seek and thou shalt find! In the personal trainers section I found a neat little training business run by Ann Bowditch, and on reading through the business information I've decided I may just enquire on the subject of my fitness. If I'm honest, the assurance in the sidebar that it wasn't a woman dominated fitness class relaxed me somewhat!

Now I'm just looking to the future, perhaps with the help of this new sense I may finally rise to the ranks of Jackie Chan or Sylvester Stallone. Ask after me in a while and you may find me away from home living it up big in Hollywood with a good few action films under my belt! Or perhaps not, only time will tell I suppose.

My question of the day to you is who are your action heroes, and what would you say is the best way of aspiring to their greatness?

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