16th June 2014
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Would you like to save money on petrol or diesel by getting more miles to every gallon? Do you want to help the environment by reducing your car's emissions and using less fuel? What if these improvements came with an increase in vehicle acceleration and lengthened the life expectancy of the engine? 

Sound too good to be true?

Not if you give your car the Terraclean treatment at Hill Engineering.

It's like a factory reset for your car's engine!

With regular use carbon will build up throughout any internal combustion engine. Over time these deposits will reduce performance, increase polluting emissions and make the engine less fuel efficient. This applies to petrol and diesel engines in cars, motorcycles, vans, trucks, motorboats and agricultural vehicles.

TerraClean is a technology developed by scientists in Canada who were exploring the possibility of a zero emissions vehicle. TerraClean removes carbon deposits from the tips of the injectors, to the catalytic converter, all the way to the end of the exhaust pipe, returning an engine to a state of clean efficiency that it has not seen since leaving the factory.

Quentin Willson, motoring journalist and TV presenter, reported in his Sunday Mirror column that he noted a 14% improvement in fuel efficiency after using TerraClean. Consider how much fuel this could save you in the long term, in addition to giving your vehicle's acceleration a bit more pep.

For further details on TerraClean
check out the website at www.terraclean.co.uk

Click here to view an informative video about the TerraClean process on YouTube

Hill Engineering  in Les Grands Marais, Vale, is the sole Guernsey agent for the TerraClean advanced engine cleaning service. Of course Hill Engineering does not just offer TerraClean - you can go to them for all of your vehicle servicing and repair needs and take advantage of their highly competitive pricing.

The TerraClean process costs just £108 at Hill Engineering for car engines up to and including 2 litres. Details of further pricing for larger engines can be seen on their website HERE.

You can book or enquire about a TerraClean service now 
by clicking this link 
and submitting your details to Hill Engineering.

Hill Engineering has acquired many glowing reviews on thebestof Guernsey. So don't just take our word for it:

"As a sceptic of wonder technology I am now sold on the merit of Terraclean thanks to Hill Engineering. I have seen the MPG rise by around 12% on a Mitsubishi Pinin 2L with 100k miles on the clock - now showing 35MPG, up from 30-31MPG yesterday. It's pretty phenomenal and the improvement can be quantified. The engine is quieter too. Great job, thanks. See you next year for the same!" - Andy L

"Thank you Hill Engineering for the Terraclean engine clean you carried out for us. I have to say, that when you first mentioned it I was a little sceptical. However, from the moment I left your garage I was aware of the difference. My car felt so sharp and crisp, and is so much more responsive that, without exaggerating, it did not seem to be the same car! The engine management light warning me that the Catalytic Converter or Sensor needed attention is now not illuminated as it was before. I am entirely satisfied with the outcome - money well spent! I would be very happy to recommend this service to anyone so if you need to, feel free to pass any doubters onto me - I would definitely recommend this treatment." - Bob H

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Click here to see the TerraClean advert on YouTube

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