'Cos everyone loves a Guernsey guitarist!
27th January 2010
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I've just been browsing thebestofguernsey, and a certain business caught my searching little eye: that of John Byrne, a renowned classical guitarist and music teacher.

I'll start off by saying just how highly I praise John Byrne as a musician. I've been taking guitar lessons from him for almost three years now and in that short while have seen him perform multiple times in venues such as the Fermain Tavern, St James Concert Hall and Castle Cornet. The striking thing about John is that not only is he an absolutely phenomenal guitarist, but also one of the warmest people I have ever met; very easy to get along with and an absolute gem of a teacher (a very useful quality, considering my skill or lack thereof at guitar!) John is the sort of bloke I wouldn't say no to sharing a drink with after watching his extraordinary prowess at guitar come to light in one of his performances.

This whole thing got me to thinking about the Guernsey music scene and how applicable it is right now. With all these media stunts such as X-Factor and Pop Idol producing 'instafame' music stars can Guernsey do its part to stand against the computer edited stars of the next generation? I know of many people who took part in the Christmas "Rage Against The Machine for Number 1" protest against the X-Factor, an event which gained huge success, and I don't see why we can't do our own bit to spread the word of good old fashioned rock and roll here in Guernsey. If you go to the Guernsey Gig Guide there's a whole list of musical happenings around the island that you could attend to show your support for the local music scene. Who knows, maybe with enough support we could get some home grown talent to the number 1 spot?

Let me know your thoughts!

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