20th January 2017
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Caframo Ecofans give you savings on your energy bills, while more efficiently heating your home, with no additional running costs after installation - now available locally from Chim Chiminee.

If you have a wood or gas stove, whether or not it was fitted by Chim Chiminee, then you will want to consider getting an Ecofan. The Ecofan can be supplied by Chim Chiminee and once fitted to the top of your stove will more efficiently circulate the hot air from the stove around the room.

Hot air usually rises to the ceiling, but the Ecofan will ensure that the hot air is pushed out into the room first so that you can feel the benefit of the heat from your stove without having to be right next to it. The beauty of the Ecofan is that it costs absolutely nothing in running costs, as it uses the heat from the stove to power the fan.

Caframo Ecofans are manufactured in Canada and come with the peace of mind of a two year warranty, with the further reassurance that Caframo have two decades of history in perfecting the design of the Ecofan. There are different Ecofans to suit gas or wood stoves and Chim Chiminee will be able to advise interested customers accordingly as to which fan is best for their stove.

If you are interested in the Caframo Ecofan, or simply want more information, then feel free to contact Chim Chiminee using the contact details on their feature page here at thebestof Guernsey.

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