7th October 2016
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Local chimney and stove experts Chim Chiminee tell us, in their own words, of a recent experience with a customer who had bought a stove cheaply over the Internet, yet later came to regret the lack of after sales support.

"A client recently booked us for their routine annual sweep. At the time of the appointment it became apparent that spare parts were needed for their stove. Our client gave us the stove details and we contacted the manufacturer on their behalf to purchase the spare parts. However the company no longer manufacture the spares, due to high cost!

Fortunately this is the first time we have come across this issue. The stove in question was on the relatively cheaper end of the scale, but still it is disappointing. We did ask if the company advised their clients, at the time of sale, that spare parts would not be available, but sadly we did not get a reply.

Thankfully in this instance, we have directed our client to a local company that can hopefully make them replicas of the needed parts. We can also supply some of the spare parts, using the old parts as a template.

Our advice would always be to make sure that any product you are purchasing has good after sales care and that it can be maintained in the long term."

Buying locally to ensure that you get the after sales support is great advice that we here at thebestof Guernsey wholeheartedly agree with. Remember for further information on Chim Chiminee you can check out their feature page here at thebestof Guernsey.

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