What does an electrician do?
9th November 2016
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Electricians can be divided into two categories: the outside linemen or the inside linemen.

Outside linemen

These are the electricians who mostly work outdoors. They must be physically fit as their work will sometimes require them to climb posts when their equipment such as lift buckets are not available for them to use. They also sometimes have to endure changing weathers or natural calamities to repair and fix electrical lines and restore electricity in a certain neighborhood. They usually work on transmission lines, transformers and traffic signals as well as trim trees that obstruct electrical posts and lines. They also work on putting up an electrical substation if the job calls for it.

Inside linemen

The electricians focus on the wiring system inside buildings, homes and other establishments. They spend their time working and laying out the wiring inside while using the building’s blueprint as a guide. There the ones who ensure that the power socket in your room won’t burst into flames once you plug in your phone for charging. They install new wiring systems as well as replace those that need replacing.

These two categories are also being divided into two each: the construction electricians and service electricians. The service electricians specialise in fixing broken electrical connections as well as troubleshooting common electrical problems while construction electricians specialise in laying and installing new electrical wiring systems in a building.

Whatever your needs from an electrician, it is important that you find the right person who will take care of your home or building’s electrical wiring system as having it faulty can cause us our home, livelihood and worse, our lives. To ensure that you’ll get the best service, contact Angelo the Electrician who specialises in all your electrical needs. His expertise and experience in the field can assure you that you’ll get nothing but the best serve for your electrical wiring needs. 

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