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Electricity is present in just about every home in Britain, it keeps us warm, cooks our food, and keeps us secure. Because it is beneficial we tend to take it for granted, but faulty wires are a risk to everyone that comes into contact with them directly or indirectly and must be repaired or replaced as a matter of urgency.
How do you know if you are paying your accountant too much? This was a question posed on LinkedIn. This question is based on a lot of factors not the least being the perceived value customers expect from their accountant.
When you visit your hair dresser you want to come away with the hair-do you want. Is that always the case? And if you are not satisfied, do you address the shortcomings of the hairstyle with your hairdresser? Is your accountant like your hairdresser?
HMRC launched its Managing Deliberate Defaulters (MDD) programme earlier this year where it plans to target known tax cheats handing out various punishments including name and shame and tax cheats having to face up to five years of detailed scrutiny.
Many local businesses are offering special one-off deals for customers as part of Back to Business Week
Don't let VAT get you down
Don't let VAT get you down
The Revenue's VAT initiative comes to an end today 30 September 2011. After much publicity it is still estimated that many business eligible to take advantage of the intiative will not do so.
Keeping Proper Books and Records
Keeping Proper Books and Records
HMRC has recently announced that it proposes to investigate up to 20,000 small businesses for bad record keeping. Why should the Revenue target small businesses for bad record keeping?
Killsmart Retail and the National Skills Academy for retail are teaming up with Local retailers across the country on the 4th of July to celebrate Independence Day.
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