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DIY is becoming increasingly popular with people looking to save money where they can but there are some things that you would be foolish to do yourself, especially if you have no experience…
Strike action in Greenwich
Strike action in Greenwich
Greenwich Council is aiming to deliver services as usual during the strikes, but many schools are closed.
Olympic tourism chief sacked after he slated the area he was meant to promote, saying he'd make sure his 'wallet is not visible' during visit
Many local businesses are offering special one-off deals for customers as part of Back to Business Week
Greenwich Market
Greenwich Market
Apprentice finalist Susan Ma,admits starting her business in Greenwich Market,selling Organic skincare from a market stall, earning her £1500 in one weekend.
BBC London 94.9's Olympic tour bus will be broadcasting from Gordon square in Woolwich from the 14th to the 16th of July. Every one is welcomed, to come and try their hand at broadcasting.
Killsmart Retail and the National Skills Academy for retail are teaming up with Local retailers across the country on the 4th of July to celebrate Independence Day.
Tiny Tempah, San Miguel and I What have we all got in common? Tiny Tempah is a celebrity, San Miguel is a restaurant in Greenwich and there is me.
Did you know that just 7 people counted in the census is enough to fund a nurse’s salary in your local area. Just 11 people counted would fund a teacher or a police officer for Greenwich.
Greenwich council in a bid to make its transport fleet environmentally friendly, have switched two of its gas operated vehicle to Biomethane gas.The twelve months trial, if successful will help work towards targets set by the Greenwich borough.
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