How to choose an electrician
1st October 2015
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While calling an electrician out to change a lightbulb can be a little excessive, for pretty much any other electrical problem it is essential that a qualified professional comes out to assess and fix the problem. If you need an electrician but aren’t sure about how to go about finding a good one, here are some tips that you may find useful.

  1. Get a short list of 3-5 electricians, either from asking friends and family, searching the internet or looking through the yellow pages and contact each of them for a quote of the job at hand. While an estimate may be ok to get a rough idea of what they think the job will cost, before you hire them you really want a detailed quotation with a breakdown of costs and a payment plan that details the deposit required and when payments are due by. Agreeing to work with only an estimate may lead to unforeseen costs and the total price escalating.
  2. Check their qualifications before you hire an electrician. It’s highly important that they are Part P qualified as this covers most electrical work around the home but if the electrician has more than that, it is a good sign.
  3. See if they are a member of any governing body such as NAPIT, NICEIC or on the Registered Competent Person Electrical. It is a good sign if the company is registered with any of these sites but it doesn’t mean that they aren’t competent if they aren’t with any of these bodies.
  4. A good way to see how good the electrician is would be to have a look at their reviews, particularly ones regarding any work undertaken that is similar to that work you need doing.
  5. Don’t automatically go for the cheapest option. You will probably get a range of different prices from different companies but don’t necessarily go for the cheapest as there may be a (not so) good reason for the low cost! Read the quotes carefully as this will help you choose the company right for you.
  6. Make sure, preferably before you hire them, that they are able to and will provide you with a certificate for all the electrical work undertaken. If they say from the start that they won’t do this, don’t go with that firm.

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