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Light bulb market has seen major changes for the past decade as energy- saving alternatives have dominated the market pushing traditional incandescent bulbs out of the picture. If you’re looking into buying a new set of light bulbs for your home, read up first so you will know what and what not to get.
Do- it- yourself home repairs are great for people who want to save a few quid and still get their homes repaired. While this is great especially for those who love to do home projects, there are parts of our house that we shouldn’t mess with. One of these is the electrical repairs in our home as it can cause a lot of hazards with fatal accidents.
Are you looking for an experienced electrician in Greenwich?
With so many horror stories of ‘Rogue Traders’ about, we have all become worried about who we hire to do work around the house for us; if you’re in this boat but are in need of a good, honest, reliable electrician, then here’s some advice which may help make the process easier.
DIY is becoming increasingly popular with people looking to save money where they can but there are some things that you would be foolish to do yourself, especially if you have no experience…
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