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In the last budget the Chancellor George Osborne said he will scrap the annual self-assessment tax return and replace it with a 'digital tax account' from early 2016.
Understanding the Twitter environment will help you get involved and, ultimately, convert followers into customers.
At some point in your business career you will almost certainly have to produce a Cash Flow Forecast, which shows (and/or predicts) the flow of cash in and out of the business.
It goes without saying that every company that isn’t a one-man-band operation has at some point had to hire its first employee.
Love her or hate her as a marketeer I have to admire the way that Katie Hopkins has managed to build her brand and gain 338,000 followers on Twitter.
Successful business planning
Successful business planning
Many people use the New Year to make personal New Year’s resolutions but do you do the same for your business?
Self-Assessment Deadline Looms
Self-Assessment Deadline Looms
If you’re a business owner you will presumably already know that you have to pay income tax (based on the drawings you’ve taken from the business) as well as tax on company profits (corporation tax). Income tax is paid via self-assessment and the deadline is looming!
Key Performance Indicators
Key Performance Indicators
As your business grows you will probably want your accountant to move beyond just crunching the numbers and keeping HMRC happy, into a management accounting role.
If you're planning a career move or are using other social media channels for your business, your LinkedIn profile should not be overlooked
How much time do you spend on growing your business? Is marketing something you know you should do but you just can't seem to find the time?
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