Tips for Choosing the Perfect Bathroom Tile
21st June 2016
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Bathroom tiles serve both a decorative and functional purpose in our bathrooms.  They can be used in very specific areas to provide a splash back, for example behind the sink or within the shower.  They can highlight parts of your bathroom or be used throughout the room.  The tiles protect the walls from moisture and can be cleaned easily.

Bathroom tiles come in all shapes, colours and sizes, so it is important to find the right ones for your bathroom.  Here are some handy hints to help you choose the right tiles for your bathroom.


Planning – Whether your budget is large or small, it’s sensible to make a plan of where you would like the tiles within the room.  This will ensure that you can choose tiles in the correct material, size and colour to work within the room.  You also need to assess the volume of tiles required to tile all or parts of the room.  Even if you’re working with a large budget, there’s no point in over buying tiles for the sake of ensuring you have enough.

Colour Scheme – Lighter coloured tiles work well within smaller bathrooms, creating the feeling of space.  Don’t be afraid of a lack of colour from the tiles within the smaller bathroom, remember that you can introduce colour with the towels or bathroom accessories.  However, darker tiles work well to create featured areas within bathrooms, particularly if they’re placed behind the bath, shower, sink or toilet; they can really make a bold statement and introduce colour and depth into the room. 

Large or Small Tiles – In large areas, bigger tiles can look better and make the room look very spacious.  However, this is not always better, because if the tiles need to be fitted around lots of pipes, shelves and fittings it is probably better to choose smaller tiles so that they are simpler to fit and then the lines they create are not so broken down through the cutting down of the tiles to fit the areas.

Suitability & Maintenance – You may instantly spot the perfect tiles that you know would provide the right colour scheme and features for your bathroom, but you will need to check their suitability.  Floor tiles can really cause issues if you choose the incorrect ones, because they may not stand the test of time and could be difficult or almost impossible to maintain within your bathroom. You will also need to check that they are non slip.


 If you would like further and professional advice on bathroom tiles for your home, contact Mcqueen Installations today. 

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