Choose to make your website mobile friendly and see a HUGE increase in sales!
16th September 2013
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How mobile friendly is your website?

There is no doubt that the mobile-age of the Internet is upon us, with more and more people accessing the web on their mobiles, smart phones and touch pads it is so important that businesses are set up for this. It would seem that is almost inconceivable for a business to have a website that isn’t mobile friendly…or is it? Well, statistics show that across the world businesses are being much slower in the uptake of mobile sites than the growth of mobile web is demanding. Surprisingly, even some of the largest of businesses have not yet converted to mobile friendly.  Internet Creation in Rosyth focus on using their design expertise to create innovative websites for their customers. Ian has helped numerous local business’ to grow through the use of new websites and the related mobile technology.

Some key facts to consider 

  • There are currently 4 billion mobile phones in use globally
  • 1.08bn of these are smart phones
  • 50% of local searches are carried out on mobiles
  • 86% of mobile Internet users are using their devices while watching TV
  • A third of Facebook’s 700 million users are using Facebook Mobile
  • Half of twitter’s 175 million users are using Twitter Mobile

When we see these statistics in black and white it begs the questions can business owners afford not be mobile friendly?

What is a mobile friendly website?

Being mobile-friendly does not just mean that your website can be viewed on mobile devices. A mobile-friendly site should be designed specifically for smaller screens, allowing easy navigation via larger touch-screen buttons, and only display relevant information and content for the users’ needs. Therefore it means that the content of your main website needs to be scaled back a bit. Seeking expert advice on this will serve your business significantly. Internet Creation will be delighted to help you further with this.







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