How to choose a kitchen worktop?
31st May 2016
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Choosing a new kitchen worktop can be a tricky decision but with the help of McQueen installations in Fife we hope to make the decision easier for you.

Kitchen worktops are usually made out of: Laminate, Granite, Wood, Glass, Composite Stone or stainless steel; all of which have different advantages for your kitcken, therefore it is important for you to consider all of the factors involved.

Your kitchen worktop practicalities

Firstly, we would recommend looking at the practicalities of your kitchen worktop. If you have young children, we would recommend that a material that will mark easily is not the ideal solution. The maintenance of your kitchen worktop is vital, if it marks easily it will look dirtier than it is.

If you are a cooking fanatic then you should choose a material that doesn’t burn, such as granite. This will enable you to move pans straight from the hob onto the kitchen worktop.

However, if you are quite the “clean freak” and hygiene is an issue for you, then you should consider anti-bacterial materials such as: Corian or stainless steel. Steel can scratch over time, so be prepared for this!

Advantages of different material kitchen worktops:


Hardwood kitchen worktops are best used for food preparation or in dining areas. This is because they have a high oil content and are water resistant.


This type of kitchen worktop is a practical and very beautiful choice. This can be used in all areas of a kitchen, even round a hob or sink!


Granite kitchen work tops can also be used in any area of the kitchen, including around the sink and hob!


Laminate kitchen worktops are not heat or steam resistant and are not suitable to be used at a cutting surface. They are however a widely used surface in all areas of the kitchen.


This is great for a feature within a kitchen! Glass kitchen worktops look the best in a contemporary style kitchen. They are prone to scratches but are heat and water proof!


This is the perfect kitchen worktop for wet areas within the kitchen. Corian worktops are stain and water resistant.

 Stainless Steel

These kitchen worktops are often used in an industrial kitchen or in a contemporary kitchen style. It is great for around the sink, hob and in food preparation areas.

There are lots of options when it comes to buying the perfect kitchen worktop, but when you do McQueen Installations in Fife will be able to install it for you! Call them today for more advice on choosing your ideal kitchen worktop!

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