Fitted Bedrooms
28th May 2015
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Fitted bedroom are brilliant at making the most of difficult spaces. If you’ve got an attic conversion and you want to have a wardrobe but no free standing one will fit, having one made and fitted for you will provide you with the solution you need. Similarly, if you’ve got a small bedroom and struggle to find space for everything, having a fitted bedroom will mean you have more storage space compared to buying free standing furniture.

Having a fitted bedroom will also mean you can have over bed storage installed that works with your room and your needs and fits perfectly. This type of storage is a godsend for storing items such as quilts which you will only need access to a couple of times a year.

Furthermore, all furniture that is made for your room can be customised how you like. For example, shoe or tie racks can be inserted as desired and rail heights altered to suit you (particularly useful for children).

If you do buy freestanding furniture you may find that there is a lot of wasted space. They won’t be floor to ceiling, meaning that the top becomes a dust trap and you may not have enough room between the top of the wardrobe and the ceiling, meaning that the space in unsuitable for any storage at all. This is not a problem with fitted furniture, especially wardrobes, which will go floor to ceiling and make the use of all available space, giving you the maximum storage space.

Having a bedroom custom to your needs and space will often look more aesthetically pleasing than having freestanding furniture as it will all match exactly with one another and, because it’s all made for you, you are able to hide any features that you don’t like sloping ceiling or indented walls, for example.

If you’ve got the bedroom furniture but no one to fit it then why not get in contact with McQueen Installations and talk through what you have and your fitting requirements. 

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