Creating the perfect kitchen diner
18th August 2016
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There are different ways we can incorporate our dining room into our kitchen. After combining the two rooms, you’ll be able to have an extra room or space that you can dedicate for other things such as study room or hobbies’ room.

Choose smaller counters

Installing smaller counters in your kitchen can give you more room to place tables and chairs for dining. Center islands can also be used as your dining table after preparing or cooking your food. Just add a few chairs around the center island and arrange it every time you’re going to eat. It will also give an edgy look to your kitchen / dining room as you will need higher chairs than usual.

Avoid excess appliances or furniture

Purchase only what you need. If there are only two members of you in the family, a four- seating dining set is more than enough. Plan ahead so it won’t be hard for you to adjust in the future should any developments happen. Having a six- seating dining set when there’s only two people in your home will be a waste both in resources and space.


Replace your floor cabinets with hanging cabinets

This is to make room for your dining table and chairs. Freeing your floor space can give more room for dining set and other furniture intended for dining. Also, hanging cabinets can be used as a decoration which can be a highlight of your kitchen / dining room.

If you’re planning to combine your dining room and kitchen and there’s a need to dismantle and assemble some cabinets or dividers, have it professionally modified by McQueen Installations. They specialise in creating kitchen artworks by installing and designing the interiors with beauty. You’ll know that you’re in good hands as McQueen has a proven track record of their good reputation.

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