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The upstairs room at the Lion & Lamb Bistro Now has WIFI accessability and is the place to meet and enjoy a coffee meeting
Valentine treats from your local Aromatherapist
Valentines stay local in Farnham for fantastic meals out and great gifts in Farnham
Select radiators
Select radiators
Introducing select radiators, are local designer radiator company.
Amazing quality Valentine's gift offers from Patricia Knowles Florist in Farnham,Surrey
Plenty of good ale tasting to be had in Farnham
Snow Dynamic
Snow Dynamic
Congratulations to those retailers who cleared the snow off the pavement in front of their shops
Christmas Holiday Fun
Christmas Holiday Fun
Come and play at Archie's in Farnham during the school holidays, we are open throughout except Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day
Do you see yourself as James Bond or maybe Sherlock Holmes choose from 2 local pubs that are both holding fancy dress parties on New Years Eve
Described as the most atmospheric park in Britain and it is situated in Farnham
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