Archies Farnham and Fleet Action Replay is back for good
13th May 2011
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Here is the news you've all been waiting for.


Archie's Action Replay is back.


We are so pleased to tell you that not only is Archie's replay back for another year, but we have decided to let it go on with no planned end point. So from now on every time you pay for your entry fee here at Archie's your till receipt will carry a message telling you that you can come back and play again for free.


Yep you read that right buy one get one free available now. So why not visit the Submarine today and then the Launchpad for free tomorrow. How fantastic is that!


All you have to do is bring your receipt with you when you visit again within six days and we will let you play for free.


We think it is brilliant, and all the guys that work at the Launchpad and Submarine think it is brilliant as well. We might even write a song about it. "buy on get one free, buy one get one free, buy one get one free" Not great lyrics but the message is what counts, and even better you can choose your own tune!


Archie's Kinder Cafes, great value and brilliant fun.





Whilst we are on the subject of value and how brilliant Archie’s Launchpad and Submarine are, you might also like to know that from the 31st of May we are doing away with our Under one entry fee, simply buy a coffee or bring and older sibling and play for free.  We are also on the same day starting to offer free carparking for all of our customers that spend £12.00 or more with us, all you need to do is bring the tear off part from your car park ticket and we will deduct up to 70p from your bill.


Archie’s Launchpad and Archie’s Submarine are on Facebook.

You can now get updates, special offers and the latest news through our facebook pages. Just type Archie’s Launchpad or Archie’s Submarine into the search bar and then click on join or like to get updates.


Archie’s Takeaways.

A whole new exciting summer time party system. Designed especially for those summer parties that you want to host at home. Let us bring a fully catered Archie’s Advenures birthday party to you. We will do it all for you, food, fun, entertainment, cake and balloons. All the fun of an Archie’s party just as a takeaway! Our exciting entertainer will bring fun and games to you for an hour and will then leave you with everything else you need to make your party go with a bang, choose from Sergeant Stamp, Astronaut Archie, Princess Perfect or Professor Professor.

Give us a call on 01252 726110 to find our more.


Looking forward to see you again real soon.


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