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Free Cake Giveaway

22 July 2015 17:50

Another winner in the Fiesta Facebook Competition.
Free Photo Cake by Richard.

The Importance of being Awkward

Having been away in London on hols last week, and being a giggler I thought I would share this. Enjoy

Thinking of Increasing Rent to your tenant? Read on !!

This article was written by Evesham Letting agents Timothy Lea and Griffiths and is well worth a read if you rent property out to private tenants, especially if you are thinking of tweaking the rent a little !

Boost Sales in your business

15 November 2013 10:17

Invest a small amount in a "Training Bubble" for you or your team and see the results.

Evesham Bridge Contract is Delayed.

It has been announced today (13th Nov) that the Evesham Abbey Bridge rebuild project has suffered a delay and will be at leat 3 weeks late.
Full details attached.

Evesham Bridge project update

Massive crane to be used to place 30tonne Bridge over river Avon at Evesham this weekend.Get the cameras out .

Valuing Retail Shops

21 March 2013 11:37

This is a very poignant topic at the moment, often being mentioned in main stream news broadcasts. The vitality of town centres, economic growth, the external effects of the internet, all form topics of great interest. I never forget watching a young group of people window shopping in Cheltenham, they were examining training shoes. One person suddenly pulled out an i phone, scanned the bar code, and announced to the group that the same pair of shoes could be bought for less money on the internet. The order was duly placed, and the people left the shop.

Contemplating Piles

04 February 2013 09:44

Contemplating Piles?

The quick witted amongst you will be thinking what medical ailment you are suffering from this week. I however will be referring to construction techniques, which hopefully are substantially less painful on the body, but have much more serious consequences on the wallet.

What was the Victorian legacy to us?

Tony Rowland, The Property Doctor of Timothy Lea and Griffiths, Evesham writes about the Victorian Legacy to us and what can be seen at the Blists Hill Museum at Ironbridge Gorge.

Evesham Ballon Festival still on - but No Balloons

The unseasonable weather has forced the organisers to cancel balloons for this years Evesham Balloon festival.However all other planned events should go ahead with the bonus of FREE PARKING.

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