The Importance of being Awkward
18th July 2014
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How do you deal with awkward situations? 

Have you ever had that awful feeling in the pit of your stomach..? 

…the unwanted birth of an inappropriate giggle that reverberates through your very core?

…like a wave of nausea, the giggle travels through your body and lingers at your throat, threatening to escape

…you manage to stifle it and wait, in a miserable clench of helplessness

…if you could just hold out until the moment passes, normality will resume

…then, DISASTER, from the corner of your vision, a bewildered stranger meets your eye

…it’s over, it’s all over

…all hopes of a dignified exit are lost

…your shoulders silently begin to shake

…then you EXPLODE

…helpless and utterly consumed, you watch the horror spread over unknown faces

…the glares, the stares and the prickled hairs

…‘what on earth is this weirdo laughing at?’

…but it’s too late, you don’t care, you’re lost to the civilised human world and contained in something bigger than yourself. 

The awkwardness of that laugh will last infinitely longer than the uneasy moment that ushered its presence. 

Check out this commuter’s amazing self-control in response to the most awkward-inspiring moments on the London Tube… 

‘Just keep flicking through the paper and everything will be ok.

Stranger on the tube, we feel your pain!

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