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The Yoga-Life Studio, Eastbourne

A gem of a studio, inspirational teachers, Eastbourne is so lucky to have you! Can’t wait for another Yoga “retreat” in Egypt in just a few months! Thank you Eva

thebestof Eastbourne, Eastbourne

Ooops you did it again David!We all have bad days and it helps to talk. You managed to give me just the right mix of listening ear and genuine understanding -encouragement- humour - support & direction and helped me regain some PERSPECTIVE!In just one short meeting!! Thank you! Great job.

Recruitment South East, Eastbourne

Recently attended their training on social media -I felt I gained extremely valuable insight and thoroughly enjoyed myself in the process. Thoroughly recommend!

Ditzy Media, Eastbourne

I had a introductory meeting with Mina which had completely changed my outlook on social media - I had feared I might forever remain a social media dinosaur but now I am eager to brave the bold new world. Thoroughly recommend their service - knowledgeable - helpful and professional.

Ditzy Media, Eastbourne

I had a fantastic experience with Ditzy Media and keep recommending g them to everyone - thank you guys - what a difference a two hours coaching session makes! Hope you are enjoying your new office!

Welbeing, Eastbourne

Only heard the best about Welbeing and although I hope it will be some time before I need their help I would not hesitate to use their services. Friendly and professional team providing invaluable service to the community.

thebestof Eastbourne, Eastbourne

When you are at the end of your tether typing "Heeeelp" like the proverbial Knight in Shining Armour David comes to the rescue. Amazing support at lightning speed. Thank you!

thebestof Eastbourne, Eastbourne

David has been a wonderful support to me as a new member of Best Of Eastbourne. His energy is infectious, his perseverance and focus inspiring and his drive frankly enviable. I have only attended few events since joining but they were all a great experience and I must admit I wish I had joined earlier!