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Cineworld Eastbourne, Eastbourne

We attended the official opening of the new Cineworld at The Beacon last night and it was a splendid night out. From the sparkly flooring to the phalanx of terminals for ticket issuing in the foyer, to the 8 (count 'em, 8!!) brand new screening rooms, to the comfy seating with plenty of legroom, to the excellent sound and screening, this was a real treat! I'm very glad to be an Unlimited card holder, I will be coming back as often as is possible!

Cineworld Eastbourne, Eastbourne

There is not much I love more than going to the cinema and Cineworld in Eastbourne is a great place to go. Staff are friendly and helpful, the theatres themselves have comfortable seating and the sound is good.

thebestof Eastbourne, Eastbourne

Dave is always helpful and ready to chat about all manner of things with a marketing theme! It's great that Eastbourne has such a friendly and well connected person on the case for thebestof.