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On yer bike for Eastbourne Cycling Festival!

It's time to ride on two weels and show your support for The Chaseley Trust in the free cycle event, Eastbourne Cycling Festival, here on the Sunshine Coast, 1st June

Getting in a Star Wars frenzy

Wyntercon, the ulitmate sci-fi, fantasy and horror convention is coming to Eastboune's Winter Garden Theatre this Halloween. It's time to pick up your light saber and practise Wookie-speak

Interview: The Monuments Men

17 February 2014 18:23

The Monuments Men has stemmed from a thought on a bridge, to a popular book, and now to the big screen, written, directed by and starring George Clooney. Zara Baker talks to the original Monuments man, author Robert M Edsel...

Interview: That Awkward Moment

06 February 2014 16:16

That Awkward Moment's Tom Gormican (writer/ director) and stars Zac Efron (Jason), Miles Teller (Daniel) and Michael B. Jordan (Mikey) talk bromance with Zara Baker

Blogging for business... what should we be saying?

If you are not blogging for or about your business how will anyone know that you know what you are talking about?

Cineworld and Curzon Cinemas in Eastbourne

The local history of our Cinema's in Eastbourne is rather varied and this is an account by one of the team.

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