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Calling A Prospect Within 27 Seconds Of An Enquiry

If you clicked on a website and were called back right away you would be impressed, wouldn't you? That is what Response iQ allows you to do!

Most Eastbourne Business Get This Wrong With Google My Business

When it comes to maintaining a Google My Business page these are some of the common issues that we see time and again both in Eastbourne businesses and across the UK!

When should you be calling your prospects?

Do you rely on emails, leaflets and letters to do your job? Remember, it is good to talk as you can change your flow unlike an email that in all truth might just be deleted without ever being read!

Are you selling the sizzle in your business, not the sausage?

How do you entice your audience to take a closer look at your business offering? Think about how you can create curiosity about the "why" not the "how" in your business.

Why you should use plain English in your local marketing

If you want a straight answer ask a straight forward and simple question, is it your job to explain what you want not for your potential customer to translate your meaning.

Do you sell Handmade Gifts or Local Products Made in Eastbourne?

If your gifts or products are made in Eastbourne ie your talents converted the product into something new and saleable then we want to help put the spotlight on your business!

An open letter to Eastbourne business owners

With 2020 coming to a close, are you looking forward at the opportunities of tomorrow or looking back with regret?

Want to know how to get your emails OPENED?

In a world of "data overload" just how do you stand out? Here is a nifty tool that can help you get more interest in your emails! Be sure to back up the message with something credible as a pretty image won't do all the work.

Build stronger relations with technology video | BombBomb

If a picture is worth 1000 words imagine the value of using video in your business marketing? Embrace the power of moving pictures and you will be amazed at the results.

Swipe and Deploy Email Template - The Alligator Email

This week's Top Tip Tuesday is all about emailing your list and getting them to ACT! No matter how big your list is without engagement it is worthless to you...

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