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Sea cadets set sail with help from councillors

The latest news from Eastbourne Borough Council about Sea cadets.

People asked for views on proposed changes to local constituencies

The latest news from Eastbourne Borough Council about proposed changes to local constituencies.

Commemorative artwork to thank Eastbourne key workers

The latest news from Eastbourne Borough Council about commemorative artwork.

Flytippers fined £200 each for ''eyesore'' rubbish piles

The latest news from Eastbourne Borough Council about fly tipping.

Spirit of Eastbourne Awards 2021 | We Have The Spirit How About You?

When it comes to excellence we rely on customer reviews to gauge the quality of service and like reviews we want to know who you think should receive our new Spirit of Eastbourne Award?

How Effective Is Your Communication With Customers?

When you send out an email, do you cater to different tastes and preferences or do you hope your one-size-fits-all approach to getting you the right results? This week's Top Tip Tuesday will be food for thought!

How Do You Communicate With Your Customers?

When it comes to communication we don't always make it easy for use customers to know what we have to offer... now it a very important time to get your message OUT THERE!

The Guarantee Myth - This Weeks Business Tip!

How do you remove the barriers to prospects becoming customers? in today's Top Tip Tuesday we talk about Guarantees and the role they can play in winning new customers!

Why You Should Be Using Text Marketing in Eastbourne!

This week's top tip is all about using text messages in your marketing. If you have not looked at the benefits of this yet you won't want to miss out on this one!

There’s No Business Like Show Business

The show must go on in Eastbourne and The Royal Hippodrome Theatre is proud to announce their first show back since lockdown!

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