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I have known David for many years and always found him to be trustworthy and honest so it was no surprise that when I switched to Utility Warehouse, it did exactly what he said it would. The transfer was simple and hassle free and I'm now saving money on three different utilities. What else can I say! If you haven't switched already, speak to David.
David helped out and explained all the ways I could make lots of savings on my gas and electric bills. He also stayed in touch and helped me later on put on cheap new phone line installation so I could leave a very expensive Sky contract and move my broadband and phone to UW. I also signed up for the discount card and use "FIND ME THE CHEAPEST" for everything I buy now. He stays in touch and even signed me up to become a distributer where I am now MAKING money from UW as well. ALL OUT GREAT SERVICE. PS Great tea drinker and hide the sweet tin when you see him. lol
I joined the Utilities Warehouse approximately a year ago, the service is great and the savings are too! It is well worth booking an appointment with David so he can talk you through the amazing savings to be had.
I was introduced to UW by David in June 2009 when I moved to Peacehaven. Didn't really compute how low the prices were, till I got my very first Budget plan, far lower than I ever expected for both Gas and electricity..then in 2010 it got even cheaper, amazing!!! Not to mention of course the extra discount we get using the UW card while shopping around with major merchants. David was a Godsend and he has followed all the changes closely and they went smoothly, and all support has been exceptional from David to the UW. So I moved my mobile phone deal and recently internet and phone. I love the layout of the bill, is very easy to understand. I also find the website easy to navigate and easy to use when I need to setup/ change card payment and top ups. Thank you David and UW....finally a company that deliver promises!!!
The Utility Warehouse really does save you massive amount of money on your monthly bills - I was amazed at what I saved so much so that I could take a small holiday with the difference! The service is quick, personal and aimed at your desired outcome - fantastic!!
David introduced me to the Utilities Warehouse and I transferred my Phone, Broadband, Gas & Electrics to them. David was extremely thorough and made the transfer seamless and I am saving close on 20% on my previous bills that were through BT, Orange and British Gas. Highly recommend David and his personal service and care.
I have been a member of the Utility Warehouse for approximately 3 to 4 years. Primarily I joined because free offers for telephone calls by other suppliers were only for evenings and weekends, whereas with Utility Warehouse, if you become a member and have the four services which they offer, ie. gas, electric, broadband and telephone your become eligible for free telephone calls 24/7. As most of my calls are made during the day, this seemed an ideal solution to save some cash and the monthly line rental is also cheaper! The prices for broadband, gas and electricity are also very competitive. This is confirmed to me each time representatives from other suppliers knock on my door, which is often the case, and before they get into full flow I tell them I am with Utility Warehouse and very satisfied. Unbelievable I know but they never argue but seem to accept that they know UW is very difficult to beat.
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